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Message from CEO

Established in the heart of ASIA, AISB was built upon the belief that a “back-to-basics” approach in business alliance and investments is timely and welcome. We AISB have been aspiring to contribute objectively with the progress of society and development of economy in ASIA.

From establishment of the company in 2008, we AISB have been supporting to a lot of Japanese listed companies and SMEs who are keen to explore business and investment opportunity in South East Asia, West Asia and Oceania. For the Japanese listed company which are keen to do strategic investment on or creating Joint Venture with the ASAIN company in order to diversify abroad、we excavate such opportunity collaborating with local banks, regal firm and accounting firm, local financial institute including PE funds and Venture Capital. For the Japanese SMEs which are called “hidden champion” and almost of which are undervalue, we develop their business itself and creating new business model here through alliance with Asian companies. And now comes non-Japanese companies who are keen to explore business and investment opportunity in above region,

Also, we at AISB take great pride in promoting constantly projects that have a beneficial, concrete social impact, for instance, in the environmental, medical, agricultural or natural resources sectors.

In response to the critique of finance as an end in itself, we at AISB think that it is our mission to promote business alliance and investment in the real economy of ASIA, searching for tangible and real economic value with our client always.

From this premise, we view ourselves more as a business developer than a mere investment advisor.

AlSB Key Officers have extensive experience working in the management of business companies, holding profound knowledge of commodities, food and beverage, electronics, pharmaceutical, medical, oil & gas, logistics and infra-structure businesses. We are able to analyze with insight the value chain of our clients alliance and investment projects and identify not only the financial advantages these opportunities show, but also the intrinsic economic role chosen projects are able to perform.

From this perspective, we at AISB are entirely open to consider business alliance and investment projects that were disregarded by investment firms until very recently, either due to lack of appetite for longer return profiles, either due to lack of commitment to material projects. At AISB, financial technique is used to make possible to our business partners the accomplishment of sustainable, continuous value. It is never used to alienate our work from the commitment it demands.

It is my hope that through offering client-centric business alliance and investment opportunity AISB is able to connect business partners, achieving mutually beneficial links and sustainable development, in response to the challenges our society currently poses.

January 2012

AISB Holdings Pte Ltd
Managing Director & CEO
Masayuki Uehara


Our Mission

  • 1.Cross Boarder “Business Matching”
    →“ Unleash the Real potential of the Business ”
       “ Unleash Real Value ”
       “ Networking to Unleash potential ”
  • 2.Boost Business Value By deep commitment To “Business Operation Strategy”
  • 3.Cultivation of Business Professionals owning both“Expertise in Specific Industry” & “Management Capability”
    →“ Business Conceptual ability ”
       “ Business propulsive Capability through Negotiation and Dialogue ”
       “ Capability for Business Operation”


Company Profile

【Singapore (HQ)】

Name AISB Holdings Pte Ltd
Place 3 Temasek Avenue, Level 34, Centennial Tower, Singapore 039190
TEL +65-6549-7839
Founded 1 April 2008
Capital SGD 455,100-
Director Managing Director Masayuki Uehara
Director Toshihiko Tsutsumi

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【Japan 】

Name AISB Japan Co., Ltd
Place 4F Kamiyacho MT Bldg, 4-3-20, Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo,105-0001,Japan
TEL +81-(0)3-5404-3832
Capital JPY10 Million


Thailand Bangkok
India Mumbai & Bangalore
Indonesia Jakarta

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Board of Directors

Masayuki Uehara / AISB Holdings Pte Ltd Founder & Managing Director

After receiving a Bachelor’s degree in economics with special interests in financial theory from Rikkyo University, Mr. Uehara started his career at Mitsubishi Corporation, the world’s largest trading house with PE investment arm, where he was assigned to the Living Essentials Group.

While managing sales, planning and development of raw materials and processed foods, Mr. Uehara has not only gained thorough knowledge in commercial distribution in specific and overall workings and enhancement of the Value-Added Chain in general.

Toshihiko Tsutsumi / AISB Holdings Pte Ltd Director

Graduated at Sophia University in 1978 and joined Mitsubishi Corporation. After working in the area of Ship/Logistics, strategic management/administration and new technology such as biotechnology and the environment technology of the Machinery Group., he was assigned to London Representative Office as a Machinery Division Senior Manager.(1991-1996)

In 2003, assigned to the General Manager of Rio de Janeiro office. Conducted general management/administration of the entity, business developments in natural resource area, trading and investment activities. In parallel,he assumed Presidency of the Japan Industry and Commerce Chamber in Rio de Janeiro(2005-2008).

In 2008, he joined a Brazilian natural resource Exploration Company as an executive commercial director ( Mining -Energy Logistics/IPO-related large-scale infrastructure investment etc..).


Our Partners

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